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Rules and Regulations

The access card must be prominently displayed in the front window of the vehicle at all times while parked in the structure. Card users must affix a window decal, issued with the access card, to the lower left corner of the vehicle’s rear window. Any vehicles left in the facility for more than three days and DO NOT have the required access card permit and decal may be issued a green “Monster” tag, ticketed by enforcement, towed or booted at vehicle owner’s complete expense and liability.

Each access card allows for one vehicle to park within the public parking area of the structure. Any vehicle that is parked inappropriately (i.e. double parked, reserved space, no parking zones) will be issued a green “Monster” tag, ticketed by enforcement, towed or booted ($75.00) at the owner’s expense.

Payments are due no later than the 7th of each month for the month being invoiced. If payment is not received before the 15th, access to the parking facility will be temporarily suspended. Unless a customer signs up for automatic payments, They are responsible for making the payment by phone, mail or in person at the Maynard Office each month.

Refunds will not be issued for any parking fees incurred while the access card is locked due to nonpayment, forgotten, stolen, misplaced or left in the vehicle while it is in for repairs. If the access card is not present in the vehicle, the user will be responsible for paying the standard parking rate for that structure.

The monthly parking account will be ongoing. The customer will be invoiced every month, whether or not they are using the pass, until the submission of a written notification of cancellation. Cancellations effective the 1st business day to the 15th will waive half of the monthly rate. Cancellation dates effective after the 15th will require the full monthly rate.

If the access card(s) are lost, stolen, or misplaced, the parker must immediately notify Republic Parking. Replacement cards are $30 each.

Access cards that are improperly used may be subject to cancellation preventing normal ingress and egress to the facility. A card must be used in sequence; once entering the system will only accept exiting the facility or may be prevented from exiting. If it is determined by the Parking Manager that the access card has been improperly used, the user may be subject to paying a Lost Ticket Fee to exit the facility. Access cards provide use for self-parking; no other services are provided or implied for use under this program